Recovery is NOT for Quitters

Why is it that addicts and computer aficionados are both called users? – Clifford Stoll

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Originally published in July of 2011, updated to make this fresh and also to get it out there for someone who may need it.

This is the first, and probably most important, post in an ongoing series titled “Recovery Is NOT For Quitters…” on the issue of addiction and recovery. An issue I am personally and painfully very aware of myself. You may find the following articles helpful in your struggle:

Disclaimer: As I hope you have read in my Disclosure Policy, I am neither a licensed or certified medical professional nor a licensed or certified counselor of any kind. Absolutely nothing you read here should be construed or accepted as medical or professional advice. That being said, there is one bit of advice I offer that you absolutely should follow

If you are struggling with addiction of any kind, for your sake and the sake of those who love you…


 Some Links You May Find Useful:

The websites of each of these organizations provide information on addiction and recovery, searches to find meetings local to YOU, and other information that may be helpful. I do not recommend any of these organizations above any other. Some are based on Twelve-Step Programs and others are not. I do encourage you to visit each organization in the list to make it easier to find one that appeals to who you are. This list is not comprehensive by any means. There are many other organizations that offer information and support.

For a more “Thelemic” view of addiction and recovery, be sure to check out the Facebook group Thelemites In Recovery!

Please note that neither The Upward Spiral, The Order of Thelemic Knights nor myself is professionally affiliated with any of the organizations listed above. I have provided these links only as sources of information and make no claims or guarantees in regard to their usefulness for any purpose.

You may be curious why I have included links to organizations on Mental Health in this list. Stick with this series to find out!

If you think you may have a problem with addiction, PLEASE take my word for it. Reach out for help, it’s there!

NOW is the time to begin facing it. Reach out! There is someone there to take your hand. . .

Please add your comments below and let me know if there are any specific topics not in the list that you want me to cover!

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