It’s A Long Road To
It’s A Long Road To
Let’s Talk Openly And Honestly..
Let’s Talk Openly And Honestly..

About Addiction And Other Mental Health Issues

BREAK The Chains!
BREAK The Chains!

Our Mission

With The Upward Spiral our goal is simple. We want to provide a place for the open and honest discussion of addiction, recovery and other mental health issues. These issues are on the rise at an almost frightening pace. It is time we begin “rending the veils” so to speak.

What makes us different from other online recovery resources? Though the goals are the same and anyone and everyone is welcome here, our focus is on those who come from non-traditional religious and philosophical backgrounds. Thelemites, pagans, hermeticists, etc.

Because we are not affiliated with any treatment center, professional program or any medical, psychiatric, psychological or counseling professionals, we are independent. Though there may be some among the users of this service that are such professionals.

We are real people who have had experience with addiction and or other mental health issues, and recovery. Some of us firsthand experience, while others having been witness to the destruction these issues can wreak on family and friends. We have come out of the other side stronger for it, and firmly believe that recovery is possible for everyone.

There is no “This is how it is done” formula that works for every person. We all walk different walks and will all take different paths. And yet, we believe that recovery is absolutely possible, and that it should be placed within reach of anyone and everyone who wishes to get better.

Upward Spiral

The Upward Spiral Forums

If you would like to participate on the Upward Spiral forums you will need to register an account. Because we support anonymity and privacy, please note that the only required information is a username and valid email address. No other profile information is required. You can sign up here.

Who Are We?

Sapere Aude

Sapere Aude, also known as Michael Walden, is a magician and student of the occult, psychology and philosophy. He currently attends Metropolitan State university in Minnesota seeking a degree in Co-Occurring Disorders (Chemical Dependency and Mental Illness). Being painfully aware of the issues, Michael writes a special series of articles about addiction and recovery named Recovery Is NOT For Quitters.

April del Campo

April del Campo found Thelema through friends and in 1992 she realized that there was a term and a way of life that she had been living all along. She volunteered at DHS to work with at-risk-youth, and teens with mental health issues.

Gerald del Campo

Gerald del Campo is a practicing magician, student of comparative religion and mythology and an Apostolic Bishop. He founded The Order of Thelemic Knight and The Thelemic Gnostic Church of Alexandria in 1999.